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Pushing Japan – Episode 12

Here we are, final(-ish) episode! It was supposed to be a beautiful day skating along the coast of Shikoku… but that didn’t happen (thanks, cops!). Instead I get lost on a detour which turned out a lot more satisfying. Watch for yourself!

Pushing Japan – Episode 11

Shikoku! Yes, we’re gonna check out the city of Kochi and skate around the famed cape „Muroto Misaki“, a quite turbulent area. Hop on!

Pushing Japan – Episode 10

So we have arrived on Shikoku, the smalles of Japan’s main islands. Right in the middle there’s a hidden valley called „Iya Valley“, accessible by train only. Surrounded by an incredible mountainscape, this is the perfect location to cruise and admire the surrounding.

Pushing Ireland #3

Time to leave Westport and head to Galway! (if we ever make it…) We’re heading deeeep into the wild here, skating nasty roads over hills ’n stuff. There’s also beautiful lakes to cherish. No time to chill though, we gotta beat the clock – as friggin‘ always..

The Ruins of Stari Bar

Stari Bar, Monte Negro. An earth quake destroyed the once charming little village of the now proud city Stari Bar. The ruins can still be visited, at best at dusk.

The Temples of Tikal – Motion Picture Postcards

Exploring the Maya temples of Tikal in the jungle of Guatemala.

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Work – Patek Philippe

I had the golden opportunity to produce a film about one of the world’s top notch luxury watch makers, Patek Philippe.


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