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Pushing Ireland #3

Time to leave Westport and head to Galway! (if we ever make it…) We’re heading deeeep into the wild here, skating nasty roads over hills ’n stuff. There’s also beautiful lakes to cherish. No time to chill though, we gotta beat the clock – as friggin‘ always..

The Ruins of Stari Bar

Stari Bar, Monte Negro. An earth quake destroyed the once charming little village of the now proud city Stari Bar. The ruins can still be visited, at best at dusk.

The Temples of Tikal – Motion Picture Postcards

Exploring the Maya temples of Tikal in the jungle of Guatemala.

La Rochelle – Motion Picture Postcards

The city of La Rochelle, on the west coast of France, during off-season.
Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket (the old one), edited and color graded in Resolve.

Bordeaux – Motion Picture Postcards

Shot in Bordeaux on the good ol‘ BMPCC. The film focuses heavily on the structures, buildings and streets – and just a bit of daily life.


Walking the „Path of the Gods“ along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, also called the „Lemon Coast“. Located just south of Naples, this area is a top-notch hiking reservoir. Even, if it rains…
The Sigma DP Merrills plus the RX100MkV was on tour as well.

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Work – Patek Philippe

I had the golden opportunity to produce a film about one of the world’s top notch luxury watch makers, Patek Philippe.


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