Walking the „Path of the Gods“ along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, also called the „Lemon Coast“. Located just south of Naples, this area is a top-notch hiking reservoir. Even, if it rains…
The Sigma DP Merrills plus the RX100MkV was on tour as well.

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Guatemala Drive-by

Road side picture show of Guatemala. At the ready: the trusty RX100MkV.

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Road trip down the west coast of Ireland! On board: a new cam (Olympus OMD EM-5MkII) and a new drone (Mavic Air).

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Moroccan Desert

Sandy business in Marocco

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A Walk Throu Marrakesh

From Sunrise to Sunset right where it hurts.

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Japan Collection

A collection of the best Japan photographs

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A selection of landscape photos from all around the world.


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