Bank CLER - 'ZAK' Campaign

rollout campaign

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VFX and Post Supervision, Compositing Lead​

Agency ‚Heimat‘ came up with the idea to have a robot for a mascot in the rollout campaign for the new banking app ‚ZAK‘ by Bank Cler.

Building a robot ain’t that easy, especially not with actual robotic parts. The go-to guy for these endevours is undoubtedly ‚Chris Creatures‘ of Berlin. A robot with remote control head was constructed. Yet as for the arms, some VFX magic had to be applied.

Andreas ‚Nout‘ Schmidt acted as the VFX supervisor on set, bringing home loads of references and background plates to help in removing the rigs and puppeteers. It all was put together by Nout as the lead compositor, plus by his excellent colleagues Falk Gärtner and Tal Peled at It’s Us Media Berlin.

Work was done primarily in Nuke, with some After Effects on the side.

Client: Bank Cler
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Produced by It’s Us Berlin

additional versions

25sec tvc


25sec tvc

'getting dressed'

25sec tvc

'trust your robot'