VSY – Meet the Chef: Cristiano Tomei

VSY – „Meet the Chef: Cristiano Tomei“ editing and color correction For VSY’s fund raising event concerning their ‚waterevolution‘ program, they hired world class chef Christiano Tomei to come up with a special dinner plan. His journey for ingredients through the neighbouring woods and hills of his home town in Italy has been documented by …

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CEWE Print

CEWE Print – „Your Print Partner“ compositing and supervision Shot on a 360° sound stage, this effect heavy film demanded some extensive supervision. Visual effects company Crater did the compositing of the main shot, while Nout took care of the final packshot when not supervising the overall process. Client: CEWEProduced by fiftyseven Berlin Task: Compositing …

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BMWI – Viral Campaign

Post Production Artist Video Production Photography The Nout Post Production / Compositing Post Production / Compositing BMWI „Super Cyber Force“ Webfilm Additional info That’s funny. You rarely see german insitutions asking for that style of humour. Then again, the creative vision of one director Jan Bormann is hard to resist. Nout accompanied the shoot, took care of …

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