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Voice of Germany - The Finalists


Video abspielen

For the sixth season of Voice of Germany, every one of the final twelve contenders got a nice little music video. Editing six of them twelve videos plus the color correction work for all of them fell into the hands of Nout.

The source footage was shot on a bunch of Sony Alpha DSLR’s. In the end, ten video streams of different camera angles and takes had to be synchronized for a proper multicam editing-setup. On top of the studio session material, mood shots were also filmed, to be implemented in order to sell the artist’s character.

The final editing timeline was then consolidated and brought in and out of DaVinci Resolve via XML round tripping to guarantee a flexible and efficient color correction workflow. The biggest challenge of the color work was the lack of dynamic range of the source material, due to h.264 compression and harsh lighting condition on set.

Client: Universal Music

Task: Editing and Color Correction