Patek - 'Twenty-4'

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Full production: Shoot, Edit, Color

I had the golden opportunity to produce a film about one of the world’s top notch luxury watch makers, Patek Philippe.

This is an award film to feature Sandrine Stern, the lead designer behind Patek’s modern ‘Twenty-4’ reincarnation, who was honored by ICON magazine as the ‘Watch Personality of the Year 2019’.

The objective was to present the facility, the watch, and the person behind the watch. I was given permission to shoot behind the scenes in Patek’s HQ in Geneva, Switzerland.

What followed was editing, sound mixing, and color correction.

The whole process was as smooth as can be, and I am very happy and proud of the final product – albeit having to toss out so much great footage due to length restraints.

Client: DIE WELT
Produced by
Andreas ‘Nout’ Schmidt

Task: Full film production.

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